Asset Tracking:

With a combined experience of more than 30 years we developed a tracking and monitoring solution for the ever-growing freight industry, that is unique and focused on the need of the client. Our systems are custom designed for containerised or break-bulk cargo or the monitoring of cargo in transit with a warehouse or depot. Our products and platform are being used with various NGO in Mali, South Sudan, Central Africa Republic, and Somalia.

Our valuable cargo/asset protection device are extensively being used to monitor cargo though out the continent and internationally. We developed a monitoring platform and smart APP where the client himself can at any time view his assets. We also offer systems for the business traveller or tourist.

Part of the service is creating a custom system for the client. This coupled with a national ground and recovery service we again providing a total solution to the client

UAV Systems and Developments:

The Unmanned Arial Vehicle industry has seen rapid growth and expansion over the past decade. No more is these systems only limited to military forces around the world and their operations.

With our longstanding partnership with Aerobots, TSD Global can provide UAV Systems of the highest quality and specifications. With a localised factory and team of engineers we build and maintain all platforms in house to client’s specific need.

At TSD Global we assess the need of the client and its application and we then put together a solution for the client that meets the need. We use only the best quality products of the highest standards to put systems together that is operational sound and tested.

We develop platforms to operate in day and night-time operations with capabilities to up to 200km range and HD video link and thermal systems of the highest quality.

Our systems have seen recent deployments in West Africa in patrolling and safeguarding of mining and assets and personal in the volatile regions

Our platform can be used as either an aerial photography platform with below 12cm ground resolution to a surveillance application or as a combination of the two.

Video and Parameter Protection:

With the all growing threat of crime on business and equipment that is off site we again developed a product with our partners to protect your asset from any intruder. From permanent to mobile systems we are a position to answer the call of every type of situation that may arise.

All three of these systems can used as a sand alone system or a combination off all three and providing the customer with a total Turnkey Systems and Development platform.

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